Q: Why can't I access all the functions on the website?
A: Only registered users who have subscribed to an Education package have access to all of the content on the site. Anyone can subscribe to get access to the full site functions. SUBSCRIBE HERE

Q: I only want to search the Image Library section, how do I do this?
A: Anyone can search the Image Rights section, you DO NOT need a login. However registered users have access to functions such as viewing enlarged previews, saving selections, fee requests, ordering, or setting preferences.

Q: What is 'Model Released', 'Property Released' and 'No Release Required'?
A: All images can be used for Educational and Editorial use and do not require a release. However f'or commercial advertising purposes images must be released or be 'No Release Required'

Q: How can I see un-watermarked preview images?
A: Only certain user accounts can download un-watermarked preview images. These are: Education Subscribers and authorised professional users. To request un-watermarked preview access please email info@pymca.com

Q: Can I download hi-res Images?
A: Only certain authorised accounts have access to hi-res downloads. To request hi-res dowload privileges please email info@pymca.com

Q: How do I search the Media Archive?
A: for help with searching please see SEARCH HELP below

Q: I am interested in contributing to the Media Archive how do I do this?
A: If you are a photographer please see the list of SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. If you are a writer or wish to contribute to other sections of the website please email us at info@pymca.com


Search Help

Simple Search

Enter one or more keywords in the "Search word, image number" field. Or, enter an image number.
When searching with multiple words, you can use these Boolean operators:
Space between words
+ (plus sign)
" AND " between words
# (hash-sign)
" OR " between words
- (minus-sign) directly in front of the word
" AND NOT " between words

Search Results and Features

Search results:
The search results window will display all the images matching your search. Each image has an image number, preview icon (magnifying glass), basket icon and lightbox icon.

There are two different view modes: Thumbnail and Thumbnail with Text. You can switch between modes by clicking the view icons above the search results area or from within your "Settings." In "Settings," you can also change the thumbnail size, number of columns and rows, and the result quantity.

Browse through pages of search results by clicking the "<<" and ">>" links, or by using the "Page" dropdown menu.

View a thumbnail image at a larger size, and with more information, by double-clicking it or by clicking its magnifying glass icon.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search lets you narrow your search criteria. Select the tick boxes on the left side of the screen. You can search by the following options or combination of options.

Released Images (Model Released, Property Released, No Release Required)



Downloading Hi Res and Un-watermarked preview images.

Certain user accounts can download un-watermarked images. (Cultural Research Subscribers, Authorised Professional Users)

To download, click on the Save icon next to the preview image. Or add images to your Basket and then select Order Now. You can then download individual files or get an email link to a Zip file.

To download Hi Res files follow the same process as above. (Authorised users only)


Here you will find special offers, which are essentially packages of images. In order to see a features images, click its title.